mission statement

Everyday billions of animals are unnecessarily, systematically tormented, tortured or slaughtered to satisfy the demands of our outdated, unsustainable dietary demands, our vanity and for our 'entertainment'.
Purchasing leather and meat products quite simply equates to paying people to be cruel to animals and we do this when we no longer need to wear their skins, or eat their flesh to survive. By using less leather and moving towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle we can impact directly on the level of cruelty inflicted on innocent animals throughout the world and also remove an industry that causes more damage to our environment than all other human activities combined, the meat and leather trade.
Wear the never leather land logo and help raise the awareness and plight of our fellow creature citizens who suffer in silence. Be part of a global movement that is already eating into the foundations of financially motivated and thus cruel establishments such as the leather and meat trade, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies, and all those who use animals to generate money through cruel practices.
The leather and meat trade destroys everything, our health, our environment and our planet, whilst at the same time causing terror and misery to millions of innocent animals everyday.
Small changes can make a big impact, so for the benefit of our health, our environment and the welfare of all the creatures who share this planet, plan to change, evolve, show compassion.

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