calling all citizens......

Dear citizen of neverleatherland
Help us to build this awareness raising 'neverleatherland' brand into something which will in time be recognised all around the world. Purchase products from our site and in return we promise on your behalf to work hard to invest any profits into new product lines and awareness raising activities, to help us work towards making this wonderful planet a cruelty free zone ......
Please pass on our details to a friend and let us together, with God as our guide, make our lives make a difference.

On a personal note , as I see it........until someone can provide me with an understanding of what happens when you get to the end of the universe, I will continue to believe that there is a greater power at work in this life and beyond...In simple terms, I believe in God and God created the earth...and we read that He was very happy with His work when He had finished........when God was very happy, the planet and the garden of Eden were vegetarian!..........lets try to make God happy again!
So... dont kill anything you dont need to, eat your beans and your greens...and dont get lost in all the detail! I think maybe its all probably a lot simpler than we imagine... peter c.

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